WordPress Security & Maintenance

Never worry about annoying updates, backups, security checks and more ever again.


You perform virus and malware scans on your computer (I hope), but what about your website? Websites can have vulnerabilities that hackers use to exploit you and your business.

If your business’s website goes offline due to a security issue you could be losing thousands of dollars. Are you willing to take the chance?

Security and maintenance
Peace of mind

Peace of mind

WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates can sometimes break your website. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling which updates will do this before it happens.

I safely update everything on your website by creating a backup along with a screenshot of the pages on your website before I begin an update, after the update has finished I compare the original screenshot with the post-update website, and if there are any problems I can restore the backup with one-click.


WP core updates

All of your WordPress core updates will be handled safely for you

Theme updates

All of your theme updates will be handled safely for you

Plugin updates

All of your plugin updates will be handled safely for you


Uptime monitor

Know when your website goes offline and how long it took before it come back online

Performance benchmarks

Get a score for how your website is doing in various areas and recommendations for improvements

Security scans

Your website will be scanned to check for vulnerabilities, malware as well as web trust from various browsers and security plugins


Your whole website will be backed up and stored safely with options for MySQL connection

Safe updates

Updating plugins, themes or WordPress core on your website can cause critical errors, that is why I create a backup before every update

Technical support

Assistance with technical issues such as setting up a plugin or restoring a site backup


SEO rank tracking

See which keywords are performing the best for your website’s SEO and view your competitors visibility score against yours


Monthly report

PDF with information on your websites updates, backups, uptime, security, performance and everything else I have done to ensure your sites safety and success

Link monitor

Know which links on your website no longer work due to the destination URL no longer existing


Which package is right for you? We can discuss this in detail to ensure you are choosing the right one for your website type and site traffic. Please contact me using any of the contact details below.




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