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Drae Ockenden – Cyber Specialist, is here to help!

I am here to help with your IT-related inquiries. Do you have kids who are interested in learning how to code? Do you need a website for your business, blog, or hobby? Or maybe you just need someone to maintain your website and keep it safe.

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Affordable domain names

Domain names are the first step in getting a potential client to trust you. Domain names are used to identify your website and email addresses as professional.

I offer dozens of domain names including popular ones such as .com.com.au.au.net.net.au.org and many more.

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Network Security and Privacy

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your internet traffic protecting you from various threats. With NordVPN you get malware protection and a tracker & ad blocker.

Secure your smart home gadgets, protect your devices from malicious ads, and protect your browsing history from your Internet service provider with NordVPN via Drae Ockenden.

WordPress security and maintenance

WordPress security and maintenance

Do you have a WordPress website but need someone to manage the updates, backups, security checks, as well as monitor its uptime? I do all of this and more with my WordPress security and maintenance package. You will get a report with everything that has happened to your website during that time to show where your money has been going.

Website cPanel hosting

Choosing the correct website hosting is a big decision, all things need to be taken into account such as the uptime, location, specifications and support you are getting with any hosting plan.

All Drae Ockenden hosting plans are 100% Australian and are hosted from a server in Sydney, Maquire Park ensuring you get the speeds you need to convert your viewers into customers.

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Payment plans available

Personalised payment plans are available on most services upon request. If you are interested in a payment plan please let me know before you accept the proposal.

I do much more than is advertised on my website, if you are interested in something that is not listed, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to let you know if I can help you with your request or not.


I engaged Drae to develop a social event program for my workplace.
He did so with a professional and welcoming manner. He has been able to develop a cost-effective personalised program based on my requirements in a speedy timeframe. He did this by constantly confirming my outcome, end user computer skills and understanding future requirements.
Drae Ockenden-Cyber Specialist, has been available for ongoing technical support throughout. He developed multiple personalised versions of the program until end product was reached, which is something not many companies are able to offer.
Drae continues to provide me with general IT service and assistance. 
His understanding within the IT realm has been second to none. Throughout the process, he treated me with respect and compassion, and I thank you for it. 
I recommend Drae Ockenden-Cyber Specialist for all IT and coding requirements.
Jorge I O Soto

Warrant Officer Class Two-Army | Social Manager-RAAC SGT's Mess

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Drae Ockenden Finalist - Education services 2020

Bx Business xCellence Awards

Drae Ockenden Finalist - Business services 2021




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