Python coding for kids

Kids are learning how to use technology at such young ages these days, and learning how to code is the next step. My Python coding for kids lessons are designed with young minds… in mind.

Why should my kids learn how to code?


Coding for kids instils confidence. Being able to see the final product of something they have made is an excellent self-esteem booster.


If you can imagine something, there is a way to code it. Coding teaches kids that they can do anything they put their mind to as long as they work towards their goal.


Coding teaches problem-solving skills because if you have a problem, most of the time you can code something to help with it such as a calculator for maths or a game for boredom.

Why learn Python specifically?


Easy to learn

Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn and that is why so many children all around the world are loving python coding for kids.


Object-oriented programming

An object-oriented programming language means that it uses classes, objects and methods to make the code extremely efficient.



High-level programming language allows the user to code a program usable on almost every system instead of it being based on the operating system.

Machine Learning

Machine learning (Artificial intelligence) is life-changing, and Python is one of the top languages used for this.


Windows, OSX, iOS and Android applications can all be made using Python.


Extra functionality can be added to websites using python code.

What do I teach?

Print statements

Print statements are for writing text into the shell

User input

Input from the user is extremely important for any program you want to make


Variables allow you to save, edit and use stored data anywhere in your program


Adding comments into the code of your program is extremely important

Data types

All of the different data types used in programming and what they are used for

File handling

Creating, reading and writing information to and from files

If statements

Conditional arguments are for handling decisions and can be used for computations and actions depending on the outcome

While loops

Loops are great for executing a section of code as long as a condition is met

For loops

For loops are great if you want to execute a section of code a certain number of times.


Functions are blocks of code that you can reuse over and over again anywhere in your program

Classes & Objects

Template for creating an individual instance with values and methods you are going to use multiple times


There are many external modules you can use in your code to do different actions


Debugging your own code is an essential skill, and i will teach you many of the key ways to do this

Exception handling

Preventing errors from crashing your program and even using them to your advantage

Graphical user interface

Text font, colour and size, images, buttons, sounds & more

In order for your child to learn everything above they may require multiple lessons.

Is Python actually used anywhere?

People always ask if Python is used in real-world scenario’s or if this is a worthless skill to learn. If you are wondering this too then you are in luck, because not only is Python a beginner-friendly coding language, it is also a coding language that is used on the worlds most used, searched and globally recognised website worth around $254 billion every year. Yes I am talking about Google.

Below are more companies that use Python code to complete a variety of tasks.

Google uses Python code
Facebook uses Python code
Instagram uses Python code
PayPal uses Python code
Netflix uses Python code
NASA uses Python code


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